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I know that some of my English sentenses are awkward.

I sometimes want to stop writing.....I am on the learning plateau, and the

plateau is Nobeyama Koogen in Japan. It is not Tibet.

Please be patient for my mistakes. I really appreciate if you will send your comment through Inquiry.


Gekkoo - Chihiro Onitsuka, Romaji version / I am GOD'S Child, Kono fuhaishita sekai ni umiotosareta. How do I live on such a field?




Kono fuhaishita sekai ni otosareta

How do I live on such a field?

Konna mono no tame ni umaretanjanai


Toppuu ni umoreru ashidori

Taoresooni naruno o

Kono kusari ga yurusanai


Kokoro o akewatashitamama de

Anata no kankakudake ga chirabatte

(W)atashi wa mada joozuni katazukerarezuni


I am GOD's child

Kono fuhaishita sekai ni otosareta

How do I live on such a field?

Konna mono no tame ni umaretanjanai


"Riyuu" o motto shaberitsuzukete

(W)atashi ga nemureru made


Kikanai kusuri bakari korogatterukedo

Koko ni koe mo nai noni

Ittai nani o shinjireba?


I am GOD's child

Kanashii oto wa senaka ni tsumeato o tsukete

I can't hang out this world


Konna omoija doko nimo ibasho nante nai


Fuyukai ni tsumetai kabe toka  

Tsugi wa dore ni yowasa o yurusu?

Owari ni nado te o nobasanaide

Anata nara sukuidashite

(W)atashi o seijaku kara

Jikan wa itami o kasoku sasete(yu)ku


I am GOD's child

Kono fuhaishita sekai ni otosareta

How do I live on such a field?

Konna mono no tame ni umaretanjanai

I am GOD's child

Kanashii oto wa senaka ni tsumeato o tsukete

I can't hang out this world

Konna omoija dokonimo ibasho nante nai


How do I live on such a field?





                                                                                                          put on sale in 2000






Tsukiyo - a moonlit night - Nihonjin wa Jomon jidai kara tsuki o medetekitanodesu.

I have been seeking a hoothold to move ahead with this site.  *1
I searched many web pages regarding Romaji Vs Composition in Kanji and kana.  *2
I read some pages where the writer said that Romaji learning was useless.  *3
The writer is not Japanese and seems to have learnt Japanese.  *4


*1 Watashi wa kono saito o mae ni susumeru tame no ashigakari o sagashiteimashita.
*2 Roomaji tai Kanjikanamajiribun nikanshite ookuno webupeeji o sagashimashita.
*3 Roomaji gakushuu wa muyooda to kaiteiru peeji mo yomimashita.
*4 Sore o kaita hito wa nihogo o benkyoo shitakoto ga aru gaikokujin no yoo deshita.

I started this site for the good reason that Romaji helps people speak
Japanese easily without the study of Japanese characteres,
especially for those who;
1. want to visit Japan as a short trip
2. stay in Japan for their business
   They all say that they do not have so many chances to speak Japanese
   in their working places, since Japanese colleagues want to speak English.

   They mainly want to learn Japanese to communicate with Japanese people in town.

3. want to know words and phrases in some real context


I set my ocasional favorite songs in oder to share them with visiters.
And I expect that visiters get some alpha wave before they start Japanese study.
Even if those songs are not your taste, I am sure that you will notice the
importance of the alpha wave.

While I have been thinking about the utility of Romaji system, I saw an interesting page.
That is about Nippon Romaji Kai which was built in 1885.
This organization is authorized by Ministry of Education (present Ministry of Education,
Culture, Sports, Science and Technology). The main purposes of this organization are
to change Japanese notational system from written language-oriented system to spoken language-oriented system and to cherish Japanese, not to westernize.

The interviewer who visited this organization quates like this.
He (a member of Nippon Romaji Kai) said "Any language should be understandable when it is just spoken".

I agree them to the extent of these two points.

However, I have used a sort of Japanese Education style on this site.
Nippon Romaji Kai has long history and many famous intellectuals have joined and join in it such as Tadao Umesao, Torahiko Terada, and Takeshi Shibata, and so on.


I am going to introduce the 99 system which was proposed by Nippon Romaji Kai in 1999.
I would like to know how does each Japanese learner think about many types of Romaji System. Which is better for you?

Although I am a Japanese language teacher, there are so many things I do not know
and have to know. Also, there are many things I do not want to do and want to do......


This is a story of my "Gekkoo".

I could not find a word, gekkoo, in this song.
So I made my own story, "Tsuki no hikari", but a song.


Gekoo : Kango

Tsuki no hikari : Wago.



photo: March 1, 2012 20:57-21:06

One day trip- white flower-sea gull. You must find Puff, the magic dragon in the Pacific Ocean. Enjoy this movie with the music below!

photo: February 18, 2012

The words in Japanese (Romaji), Puff the magic dragon, Pink Martini & Saori Yuki

                         the "Puff the magic dragon" in Romaji


                         Puff, mahoo no ryuu ga kurashiteta

                         Umi ni aki no kiri, tanabiku Honah Lee

                         Little Jacky Paper tomodachi de

                         Itsudemo nakayoku fuzaketeita


                         Oh, Puff, mahoo no ryuu ga kurashiteta

                         Umi ni aki no kiri, tanabiku Honah Lee

                         Puff, mahoo no ryuu ga kurashiteta

                         Umi ni aki no kiri, tanabiku Honah Lee


                          Booto o koide tabi o tsuzuketa

                          Ookina shippo ni Jacky o nosete

                          Oosamatachi wa aisatsu o shita

                          Kaizokutachi wa hata o sageta


                          Oh, Puff, mahoo no ryuu ga kurashiteta

                          Umi ni aki no kiri, tanabiku Honah Lee

                          Puff, mahoo no ryuu ga kurashiteta

                          Umi ni aki no kiri, tanabiku Honah Lee 


                          Toshi o toranai ryuu towa chigai

                          Jacky wa itsushika otana ni nari

                          Tootoo aru hi asobi ni konai

                          Samishii Puff wa  namida o nagasu


                          Midori no uroko narashite naita

                          Sakura no michi o sanpo mo sezuni


                          Tomodachi wa naku


                          Atama o tarete hokora e kaeru


                          Oh,Puff, the margic dragon lived by the sea

                          And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honah Lee

                          Puff, mahoo no ryuu ga kurashiteta

                          Umi ni aki no kiri, tanabiku Honah Lee





One of the reason why her song is so beautiful and comfortable is that she trys to avoid using "Kango" which is imported from China. The Kango has strong power of word -formation. But it seems not to have the soft sound of  "Wago" which is originated in Japan.

When I was teaching Japanese to a lady who is Doctor of Literature, she gave an exclamation of joy, "What a beautiful!". It was a second or third lesson for her. I have just taught a sentense in Japanese, not at a level of each vocabulary. She repeated it after me. I guess she was resonant with my speaking and it's meaning. This is the key, I think.

The sound is the voice of living nature. Language is a pulse.

If I can speak like a bird or wind......


Beyond the language barrier (2)

kotoba sonomo

ningen no koe

gakki no oto


kotoba ga yuusensuru sekai

kotoba ni yotte egakareru sekai






kotoba no mukoo ni aru sekai



language itself

the voice of human

the sound of musical instruments


the world that is dominated by language

the world that is expressed by language






the world beyond the language







Whenever I listen this music, I remember graduation ceremony. Graduation- sotsugyoo - Pachenbel Canon in D Original Instruments


Kono kyoku o kikutabini sotsugyooshiki o omoidashimasu. *1

Otona ni natta watashitachi nimo nanika ni taishite sotsugyooshitai toiu

omoi ga arunokamoshiremasen.   *2        

Haru wa sotsugyoo no kisetsu desu.  *3


*1 Whenever I listen this music, I remember garaduation ceremony.

*2 We, adult also might have some feelings that we want to graduate from something.

*3 Spring is the season of graduation in Japan.






Aselin Debison - somewhere over the rainbow- what a wonderful world

I found out what the voice I had treated in this page in the past was not Norah Jones' one.

This  humbug in You-tube has resulted in the attention to Aselin Debison.

I have no objection to this kind of humbug. Listen carefully. That's the best way for us.


Look up at the sky

Jan 30, 2012 9:20
Jan 30, 2012 9:20

Sora o miageyoo. *1

Mimi o sumasoo.  *2


*1 Look up at the sky.

*2 Listen carefully.




Jan 30.2012 9:57
Jan 30.2012 9:57
Jan 30,2012 9:58
Jan 30,2012 9:58

wanted: volunteers who will help with proofreading for this site

The volunteer work is just to proofread English writing and Spanish writing on this site.

If you have a interest, please send your email via "Inquiry" of this site.

In turn, I will be a volunteer Japanese proofreader for your site.



Rare shape of cirrus clouds on the 13th of January, Japan

January 13, 2012  8:59am Japan
January 13, 2012 8:59am Japan
January 13, 2012  8:56am
January 13, 2012 8:56am

I don't know whether this shape is rare

or extremely natural.  *1

Is this so-called an 'aerosol' phenominon,

or human-made aerosols that is expected

to prevent Global Warming?   *2


The clouds shaped like flames inclined me to anxiety.  *3

Times has changed.  *4

The beautiful shape of clouds no longer makes me simple joy.  *4




*1 Kono katachi ga mezurashiinoka kiwamete shizen nanoka watashi niwa 


*2 kore wa iwayuru 'earozoru' genshoo nanodarooka. Soretomo chikyuu ondanka o 

     fusegu to kitaisareteiru jinkoo no earozoru nanodarooka.

*3 Honoo no yoona katachi o shita kumo o mite watashi wa fuan ni natta.

*4 Jidai wa kawatteshimatta.

*5 Utsukushii katachi no kumo o mitemo tanjun niwa yorokobenai.


***I realized that this shape of clouds was not so rare a few months later. 




Illapas-El Condor Pasa

Este grupo es del Cusco en el Perú.  *1

Ha venido a Japón a veces.  *2

Venga otra vez.  *3


*1 Kono gruupu wa Peruu no Cusco shusshin desu.

*2 Nando ka Nihon ni kitakoto ga arimasu.

*3 Mooichido kitekudasai!

Viaje a Cusco y Machu Picchu en 2011

Hizo un tiempo mal durante mi viaje a Machu Picchu.   *1

Subió al Ruinas de Machu Picchu con el corazón sagrado.   *2

Ha sido una experiencia valiosa.   *3


Hay un photo de Illapas en último parte de diapositivas.    *4


*1  Machupichu e no ryokouchuu, tenki wa yokunakatta desu.

*2  Shinsei na kimochi de Machupichu iseki ni noborimashita.

*3  Kichoo na keiken deshita.

*4  Suraido no saigo no bubun ni Illapas no shashin ga arimasu.




The theme song of "The grand family" - "Kareinaru ichizoku" - Eagles- Desperado

2007 nen ni  "Kareinaru ichizoku" toiu terebi-drama ga arimashita. *1

Kono kyoku wa sono dorama no shudaika deshita. *2

Kimutaku kakkoyokkata desune.                              *3


Kono "Desperado" toiu kotoba wa nantonakudesuga, supeingo kigen no yoona kiga surunodesuga......                                                      *4

Donata ka shitteitara oshietekudasai.                      *5


*1 The TV drama called "The Grand Family" was broadcast in 2007. 

*2 This music was the theme song of the drama, "kareinaru ichizoku".

*3 Kimutaku (Kimura Takuya san) was cool (Kakko yokkata).

*4 Doesn't  this word, "Desperado" come from Spanish?  I don't have confidence.

*5 If someone knows about this, please tell me.


Nihon no kareinaru ichizoku ga "Kuni horobite sanga ari " ni naranaiyoo  negaimasu.






beyond the language barrier (1)

This site was set up in order to put a subsidiary meaning and some roles for the main site;





I have been working as a Japanese language teacher in Japan and abroad for the last 20 years. 

Many Japanese people don't know how much money has been spending for Japanese Language Teaching as a foreign language from ODA budget.


I think private companies or ordinary citizens will make more efficient contribution at a low price toward the people who want to learn Japanese.  


Since 3.11, we have been confronted with great difficulities.

1. Reconstruction of devastated land and town

2. Reconstruction of the life of victims of great earthquake/tsunami and nuclear disaster in


3. How will the people in the world build peaceful land and life?

4. How will we  build sustainable society?


The language exists.

My hope is that we will be beyond the language barrier. 




Anyhow, I've started my blog in English and Romanized Japanese.

I have been happy-go-lucky since I was 0 years old.
I have been happy-go-lucky since I was 0 years old.



Everybody say, "Such an easygoing attitude won't help you get ahead." *1


I say "Such a greedy attitude won't help the earth." *2


What do you think? *3


*number:Japanese written in Romaji

*1 "Sonna nonkina kangaekata ja seken wa watarenai."

*2 "Sonna donyokuna kangaekata ja chikyuu wa sukuenai."

*3 "Anata wa dou omoimasu ka"


Somewhere over the rainbow-What a wonderful world


I like her clear voice. *1

They say her father is a Sitar player. *2



*1 Watashi wa kanojo no toomeikan no aru koe ga sukidesu.

*2 Kanojo  no otoosan wa Sitar soosha dasoudesu.




 Norah Jones-Somewhere over the rainbow-What a wonderful world /You tube

 Sorry! This photo is Norah Jones, but the singer is Aselin Debison.

 I have written about Aselin's voice....in above.

 The father whom I have mentioned about was Ms. Norah Jones'.

 Please do not confuse.